At Manly Yoga, our mindful teen yoga classes develop skills in relaxation, focus and stress-management. Through effective yoga techniques of mindful movement, breath and meditation, students develop focus, resilience and self-care to better cope with the pressures of high school.

Our teen yoga teacher and director of Manly Yoga, Alana Smith, was Year 11&12 Co-ordinator at Queenwood and has an excellent understanding of what teens are going through. She connects well with this age-group and equips them with tools to manage high school with greater confidence and ease.

Here’s what students have to say about our teen classes:

“The teen yoga class has been helpful with managing stress and feeling at peace with myself. I’ve like learning about my body and understanding what it feels and why. I’ve appreciated how accepting and understanding Alana is of everyone’s individual needs, limits and experience.”

– Nicy Bragg, Year 11 student


“The class is always amazing, calming and enjoyable. I love having a place to de-stress as well as learn new breathing and yoga skills.”

– Georgie Gray, Year 11 student


“The class has been really helpful for managing stress and learning relaxation techniques. I have learnt a lot about yoga I never knew. I have really enjoyed the physical aspects – Salutes to the Sun in particular. But I have also loved the meditation as I have practised being fully relaxed.”

– Sienna Kavalec, Year 11 student


“This class has really helped me with accepting the fact that thoughts come and go naturally… I’ve learnt to control my breathing and use yoga techniques to deal with stress and anxiety.”

– Teagan Drummond, Year 10 student


“The class has helped with stress and anxiety and the management and regulation of those feelings. I liked how we customise each class to what we need on each day.”

– Lily O’Neill, Year 12 student


“I liked learning new techniques to get to sleep and meditation, and getting weekly handouts with all the poses. The class is so worth the money and time. I have loved it and Alana has been great.”

– Jesse Barnes, Year 10 student