Connect to your inner strength and wisdom, the power of nature and conscious women in your community at our beautiful Seasonal Women’s Circles at Manly Yoga.


A time to harvest the fruits of summer and ‘Let Go’ with the autumn flow.


As the leaves on the trees fall to the ground and summer winds cool, nature reminds us to slow down and have a ‘coming home’ after the high energy of the summer months as we let go to our inner world.


This Autumn Women’s Circle will give you the opportunity to acknowledge and ‘harvest’ the beauty and learnings of summer and then participate in a ritual of ‘Letting Go’ to prepare you for the internal winter months.


By attending this event you will have the opportunity to:

• enjoy the beauty and power of sitting in sacred feminine circle

• meditate and contemplate the inner experiences of what it means to harvest and let go

• be heard and share in an open hearted and safe way

• participate in a community creative project

• meet like-minded women in community


Through sharing and listening to one another while sitting in a sacred circle – women can expect to feel connected and validated in their experiences, as well as uplifted and revitalised, by reflecting on and acknowledging the bounty that exists in their lives.


Manly Yoga’s Seasonal Women’s Circles are open to all women young and old to share in and experience more about themselves and feel empowered.


We’d love you to join us in this soulful gathering!


Date: Saturday 4 May

Time: arrive 11:45 am for a 12 pm start – 3:30 pm

Price: $45 / $40 Early Bird paid by 27 April, $30 Concession (available at reception only with Govt Issued Pension/Health Card)