A Spiritual Immersion mixed with some Serious You Time

If you’re yearning for some serious “YOU TIME” and ready to push the pause button to change your life from STRESS to YES!, join Chetana for a culturally and spiritually rich yoga retreat to the tranquil Isle of Bali!


As the sun rises over the shimmering ocean, you walk quietly along a cobblestone path through the tropical gardens to your yoga shala21 5.jpg


Anticipating the relaxation to come, you stop for a moment to savour the sweet smell of incense wafting on the morning breeze


Moments later you enter the shala to the melodic sound of a stringed instrument, not so different to a harp, its soothing notes transporting you into to an even deeper space of serenity.


Woman practicing yoga with with canang sari – offering for Gods. Balinese tradition.


Throughout the guided yoga and meditation practices, you move effortlessly, naturally, peacefully — your body and mind revelling at this to let go and return to the rhythm of your true nature.


Only moments later, it seems, you emerge deeply nourished and satisfied, ready for even more relaxation.


Later that day, sinking into a beachside daybed, you find yourself smiling with delight as you sip on a fresh lemongrass tea, reflecting on highlights of the past few days.

Including rubbing shoulders with the locals; playing music with the village children; taking part in spiritual cleansing rituals; luxuriating in sensual spa treatments and dining on scrumptious cuisine.

“Ahhh, what delights!”

Gaia Oasis is the PERFECT place to spend 6 glorious nights if you’re..


Yearning to regain that balance in life you so deserve

You got it! With restful yoga and meditation in the heart of a peaceful island paradise, we’ll help you slow down, nourish your body and recharge your soul!

Longing to experience the deepest of relaxations your body, mind and emotions are worthy of?

You’re in luck! No retreat is complete without a daily dose of the deep relaxation, Yoga Nidra. It’s equivalent to 3 hours deep sleep done in only 30 minutes. You’ll love it

Ready for that life of less stress that you’re so entitled to?

It’s yours! As mindful breathing techniques melt away the stresses of your life, you’ll feel replenished, calm and centred

Desiring some serious YOU time, that you truly deserve?


It’s waiting for you! Enjoy a good book in the hammock, a dip in the ocean, maybe a snorkel, or a snooze on the daybed…

The choice and time is there for you

Hankering for some serious self-care to get your mojo “magic charm” restored as you once knew it

Get ready for it! Through a combination of healing yoga practices, guided meditations, and spiritual water cleansings your stresses will melt away and your inner joy, peace and magical charm with be restored…

More Details:

If this retreat sounds like just what you are look for, for full details visit Yoga for the Soul Retreats by following this link.