Meaning making for peri-menopause and beyond


This is a one-day immersive opportunity to reframe the stereotypes of menopause.


Gauri Ma brings 30 years’ experience as a yoga therapist for women’s health and a lifetime of exploring the personal mysteries of womanhood to hold this day with wisdom, humour and integrity.


Through exploring the archetypes of woman, focused yoga practice, enquiry and art therapy new understandings of the potency of menopause can be gained and embodied.


This day is suitable for all women aged 42+.


The Woman’s Wheel of Life.

The literal meaning of the word menopause is “the cessation of menstruation” but this meaning falls hopelessly short of the experience of the vast majority of women.


Somehow the word indicates a moment in time – a moment that will simply arrive and pass at some magical pre-ordained time in a woman’s life. In reality menopause – or peri-menopause as it more correctly referred to, is a long journey with many dips and hills along the way.


During this one-day workshop you will be introduced to the concepts of The Women’s Wheel of Life – an archetypal model of the changes in a women’s life, phases that in part are driven by biology.


Within this model lies the Maga – the emerging wise woman in her 40 and 50’s, an archetype of power and fire, a woman both bringing and experiencing deep change.


Recognising how she is showing up in your life and how to make friends with her is the foundation of this day.


What you will learn:

  • Physiology of menopause – life after 42 and why you’re not crazy for thinking, feeling and saying the things you do
  • What archetypes are you aligned with and how they can support you right now
  • Yoga practises to strengthen, soothe and heal across a range of common menopause and peri-menopause experiences
  • Insight through art therapy and meditation into your own attitudes and beliefs around menopause


The Teacher:

Gauri Ma originally trained in Yoga Teaching within a Satyananda Inspired organisation in the 1990s. After 2002 she became affiliated with the Mangrove Yoga ashram, teaching a variety of courses, teacher training and eventually living there for some years as a senior teacher. In 2014 Gauri Ma left Mangrove and her affiliation with Satyananda yoga, following her desire for greater creativity and freedom in teaching both yoga and more recently counselling and art therapy.

Teaching yoga has been a lifelong passion, inspiration and a way of life for her. Creativity is second nature and lead to the study and practice of art as therapy.  Now blending the two Gauri Ma offers a rich and unique teaching to women of all ages.

“In service to women for over 30 years I have been gifted enormous opportunities and skills in teaching and facilitating for which I am deeply grateful. I now focus my energy to transition rites for women of all ages.”

Now in her maga years Gauri Ma expresses the power of the queen, the alchemist and the guardian: a feminine leader for the coming age.




Date: Sunday 24th November

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost:  Full Price $160, $150 early bird pricing paid by 18th November, $120 concession.