Your voice has the power to help you heal yourself. And with this power you can discover the true YOU hidden under the layers of mind clutter and anxiety.


Discover and explore your chanting voice and its healing possibilities under nurturing and supportive guidance. A four-stringed Indian drone instrument, called the Tanpura, will provide the backdrop to paint your picture of the sound vibrations coming through you.


And this sound experience is liberating. It connects you with what’s really important, and really true, in life. No more stressing about the little things. No more feeling the weight of guilt, expectation, and social pressures. Sing into freedom!


You will experience the deep healing vibrations of Nāda Yoga — the Yoga of Sound — in which we meditate and contemplate on single vowel sounds to create magic in our voice and our heart.


The cosmic sounds of Indian Music, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha and Ni, will also be a subject of our study and experience together. Together we will activate these sounds within us and begin to align our sonic practices with our spiritual journey.


You will explore the vocal movements of Indian Music, used for warming up and training the muscles to create fluidity in the voice.


And you will learn an Indian Mantra/Kīrtan and chant your heart out for a rich vibrational and healing experience.


All of this will culminate in a rich and therapeutic experience of the sounds of Indian Classical Music with an intimate live performance given by the master musician Sudhanshu Sharma and gifted tabla player Saptak Sharma at Manly Yoga — a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Come, let the Divine sing through you!


The immense benefits of the workshop: 

  • Supplement your Yoga practices with the Ancient Indian metaphysical system of Nāda Yoga – The Yoga of Sound
  • Channel your breath the right way to help you cope with stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to blissfully blend the therapeutic sounds inherent in Indian Classical music into your day-to-day life
  • Be technically sound and soulfully connected with the musical notes
  • Discover Rāga – the essence of Indian Classical Music
  • Find the balance between mind, body and soul through the Yoga of sound practices
  • Discover your voice and discover yourself!


About Sudhanshu Sharma:

Hindustani Classical Vocalist – Music Teacher and Performer.

A Gold Medalist in Post-Graduation in Music from University of Delhi, Sudhanshu was initiated into music by Guru Shri Lakheshwar Choudhary from Assam.

Later on he moved to New Delhi to train under Pandit Baldev Raj Verma, the prime disciple of Pandit Amarnath and one of the torch-bearers of the Indore Style of singing popularised by the legendary Ustad Amir Khan Saheb.

After a rigorous and meticulous training under his Guru, Sudhanshu’s singing rose to meet professional standards and a fresh aesthetic appeal. True to the traditions of the ‘ Indore Gharana’, his singing is marked by a serene and reposeful elaboration of the Raga, away from the ostentation and showiness that usually grips a musical performance.

He seeks to remain in constant touch with his innermost musical impulses, exploring ways to give supple voice to the myriad ideas which surround his imagination.

His recitals endeavour to create a dense, rich and radiant structure of the Raga – and nothing else!




Date: Saturday 1 June

Time: 7 pm – 9:30 pm

Cost: $58 / $48 Early Bird paid by 25 May


Video links to our guests Sudhanshu Sharma and tabla player Saptak Sharma: