Join us for this our first Red Tent event at Manly Yoga hosted by the lovely Martina, as we come together to explore the sacred feminine, remembering the ancient wisdom of the cycles and to understand the sacred connection between women and nature.



For thousands of years women gathered in sacred spaces during the bleeding days of their cycles. In the Red Tents they were nourished and honoured, while they rested and received visions and messages from the divine. These would then be shared with their communities and would often be guidance for the village welfare. Life flowed more in harmony with natural rhythms and humans enjoyed a deep sense of connection among themselves and the surrounding world.



The loss of Red Tents coincided with the rise of the patriarchy, the progressive disempowerment of women and the slow process of forgetting our deep connection with nature cycles. This workshop aims to awaken our ancestral memory of this wisdom, to recreate a connection between women gathering together and to help them remember the deeply spiritual nature of their menstrual cycle.



By attending this Red Tent event you will:


  • Rediscover the power of sisterhood sitting in circle in a safe and loving space
  • Explore the ancestral connection between cycles by understanding the “wisdom of the wheel”
  • Journey to the core of the sacred feminine to meet your inner goddess to the sound of a Shamanic Drum.
  • Enjoy nourishing food and herbal tea while speaking and listening from the heart.


About Martina


Martina’s journey within the mysteries of the sacred feminine began in 2004 when she attended a workshop on this topic. During those 3 life changing days while she sat in a circle, heard for the first time about the powerful nature of women and experienced the effects of a deep connection between them, something clicked inside her and triggered the desire to “remember” more about it, and share it with other women.


Since then, she has been actively creating and participating in women circles, attending and facilitating workshops on this topic and finally graduating after a 2 year course at the Shamanic School of Womencraft. Her main areas of interest focus around Shamanic drumming and journeying, women’s rites of passage (menarch, childbirth, menopause) and their magical and spiritual aspect, including their connection with natural cycles.


Martina’s vision is to invite more and more women to explore their true nature, remember their divine aspects and find connection and empowerment with one another.


The Details:

Date: Saturday 30th March 2019

Time: 12.00pm – 3.30pm

Price: $65 / $55 Early bird paid by 21 March / $45 Concession (available at reception only with Govt Issued Pension/Health Card)