This workshop involves some practices with a partner. Feel free to join in with someone you’d like to work with, or make a new friend on the day!
Japanese Yoga and Winter time wellbeing — for cultivating a strong vessel for your life essence (Jing).


Does the cold get into your bones and you feel all edgy and nervous?

Are you feeling achy or chilled in the lower back?

Is your motivation sliding as the mercury slides down too?


Winter is a resting period that we can observe in nature. Although what lies beneath there is so much activity in creation. We want our spines to feel awakened, our nervous system to be calm and steady, to feel a sense of peace so we may connect into the deeper aspects of ourselves.


For our bones to be mineralised and our nervous system to be functioning optimally there needs to be a sense of warmth, circulation – like an inner cuddle, that allows these amazing systems to remain strong and resilient; rested and stable.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, life is formed and develops in the water that holds the Essence of the body, or Jing. The kidneys store this essence and provide the metabolic energy for the entire functioning of the body.


As the primary energy of our entire being, the kidney energy relates to our fundamental drive to live, the willpower to fulfill our goals and dreams – to reach our potential within our community and the wider world (the Ocean of Existence).


If we learn to strengthen our reserves, we create a space inside that feels refreshed, revitalised and recalibrated creating an oasis of inner calm.


This forthcoming workshop will involve some practices with partners. We will discover with the support and collaboration of others how we can create significant shifts in our hearts, minds and bodies.


There will be postures to improve your circulation – warming those tootsies, hands and lower backs – just like a toasty blanket from the inside out!


You will enjoy the experience of:

  • supported and spirited partner yoga designed specifically for Winter and the Water element
  • a relaxed and refreshed mind and body
  • Japanese massage (shiatsu) and acupressure points
  • mantra, mudra, meditation and breathwork to support vital and sustained health through our Winter (and cold houses)


The wonderful benefits of Winter yoga:

  • Boost our life essence and reserves
  • Good circulation – warm your bones
  • Vitality and hormonal balance
  • Spinal strength and flexibility
  • Calm nervous system and adrenals
  • Enhance immunity
  • Relieve lower back issues
  • Tranquillity

This workshop will involve some work with Partners, you are welcome to bring your own, or make a new friend!



Date: Saturday 6 July

Time: 1:30 pm – 4 pm

Single Price: $60 / $55 Early Bird paid by 29 June

Couple Price: $110 / $100* Early Bird paid by 29 June


*If you book for two people we will contact you to register your friend into the workshop. Please ensure you enter your contact details if required.


About Sam

Sam has spent 20 years teaching a system of yoga that understands how to deeply listen to our individual needs and respond to them appropriately. A holistic health practitioner, shiatsu therapist, kahuna bodyworker and advanced yoga teacher she incorporates all her tools and experiences for the students in the classroom and the season they are experiencing.


Sam began her training in Shiatsu therapy in London, and returned to Australia to study with Nature Care and Zen Renaissance. She loved it so much she continued with: Ryoho Yoga Therapy; Traditional Hatha Yoga at Qi Yoga; Kahuna Bodywork with Mette’s Institute; White Tantra Oki; Ki Yoga; Iyengar; and Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow yoga.


Sam’s classes are a beautiful blend of balanced postures and mindfulness that brings vitality, joy and peace to the mind and body. Sam is always aware of the individual needs of her students and how they can best benefit from the various aspects of the yoga practice.


She has a great desire to teach across the community and has taught in yoga centres, high schools, preschools, yoga retreats, yoga training courses, retirement villages and fitness and wellness centres across the Northern Beaches and city centre.


Ultimately for Sam, yoga has offered her a path to be truly happy, more genuine and deeply connected to people and the world around her. Sam is a mother and when she is not practicing yoga or bodywork, she loves to spend as much time outside as possible, enjoying time with family, friends and the sea.