We are delighted to be able to offer Kids Yoga at Manly Yoga. There are countless reasons why children should practice yoga and mindfulness.


Research shows that yoga benefits children far beyond its physical benefits of strength, balance and co-ordination. Emotional intelligence is a vital life skill for children and can be learned through the practices of yoga and mindfulness.


Improving children’s wellbeing.


As well as its physical benefits of strength, balance and co-ordination, yoga can help kids improve their self-confidence, emotional resilience, self-awareness, self-control, concentration, co-operation, compassion, creativity, relaxation, inner peace and – perhaps most importantly – their fun!


Studies have shown yoga can improve children’s mood and help decrease anger, depression, and fatigue significantly more than other physical activities.


It’s also been shown that practicing mindfulness can significantly reduce children’s behavioural problems, depression and anxiety as well as improve resilience, wellbeing, optimism, positive emotion and social and emotional competence.


5-week Kids Yoga course with Adele


This 5-week course with Adele will make yoga fun and engaging through a series of yoga adventure stories from the children’s yoga books written by Adele.


An experienced children’s yoga teacher, Adele is calm, loving, inclusive, and highly attentive to the energy levels and needs of individual children. As a mother of two young boys Adele says her kids are her best teachers in life!


Each class will follow a set structure to help make the kids feel secure and at home.


After a brief welcoming routine, there will be a yoga adventure story and a high-energy yoga game or fun partner activity.


Relaxation time is always a favourite! This will include breathing and mindfulness practices a guided meditation for self-reflection.  Plus, a creative activity and each week there will be a special, fun activity to take home.


The focus for each of the 5 classes are based on a series of children’s books written by Adele:


KeenBeens are Strong – Yoga for Healthy Backs

KeenBeens are Relaxed – Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

KeenBeens are Powerful – Yoga for Core Strength

KeenBeens are Expressive – Yoga for Healthy Emotions

KeenBeens are Inclusive – Yoga for Connection


Each book encompasses meridian-based yoga therapy, breathing skills, mindfulness, meditation, creative expression, and much more.


The life skills they will learn from attending this course will help them to navigate their challenges in life with self-confidence and emotional resilience.


This course is suitable for children aged 4-8 years.


Date: Tuesdays from 30 July
Time: 4 pm – 5 pm
Price: $80 or Trial Class $16


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