We all have intuition – but many of us ignore it, suppress it, don’t trust it, or we simply don’t know how to tap into it.


This one day workshop will explain what intuition is, how it works, how we can access it, and how we can live an intuitive life so that we find personal fulfilment. It’s designed to provide practical skills to enable you to begin to trust and use your intuition so that you can make better choices in your life.


First session: (1pm – 2:30pm)


After a brief meet & greet we’ll kick off with Jennifer leading a guided meditation. Then we’ll jump in with the workshop, discussing the following topics:


  • What intuition is – intuition as a guidance system, being a legitimate bodily system.
  • The three categories of intuition – Survival intuition / Cognitive intuition / Mystical intuition
  • The purpose of intuition.
  • An explanation of the mechanics of intuition – how it works. Chakras, the physiology of intuition, Source and Subsumed Memory Recall.
  • An explanation of our Destiny Blueprint, and where karma and reincarnation fit.


This session will also include exercises such as: Yes/No responses, First Thought, Best Thought, Automatic writing, and How to Use Your body as a Pendulum.


We’ll then have tea break –


Second session (2:45pm – 4pm)


After the tea-break Jennifer will again lead the group through a guided meditation, then we’ll continue with:


  • The thirteen steps you can take to prepare yourself to become more intuitive. These include:
    • Humble up
    • Let go fear
    • Recognize the various ways intuition presents
    • Pay attention to the little signs and signals
    • Forget the need for proof – the proof comes through experience
    • Surrender & Own it.


  • Then there’ll be a detailed explanation of how to tap into your intuitive powers. There are five steps:
    • Stop
    • Listen
    • Ask
    • Trust
    • Follow


We’ll then have a quick tea / bathroom break –


Third session (4:15pm – 5:30pm)


After another quick guided meditation we’ll finish up with –

An explanation of the seven ways you can live an intuitive life. These include:

  • Feeling decisions
  • First thought Best Thought
  • Heed the wisdom of your body
  • Practice gratitude & humility
  • Raise your vibrations & Embrace wonder


The workshop will finish with a Q&A – and another guided meditation with Jennifer. The workshop will be grounded and will focus on the practical and “real world” use of intuition.



On Saturday 23rd March, Manly Yoga are hosting a special film screening of the renowned movie documentary made by Bill Bennett who will be presenting this workshop. The film is titled PGS – Intuition your personal Guidance System. Following the screening there will be a Q&A with Bill.

You can discover more details about this film and watch a preview of the movie by following this link.