Keep your kids engaged over the holidays with our fun and beneficial mindfulness workshops. Each child will participate in three engaging types of mindful practice and create an awesome craft to take home. In this workshop they will create a personal Worry Box.


Because of the fast pace of our modern world and all its distractions, experts believe kids need to be taught the crucial skills of being self-aware and in the present moment. Research shows that mindfulness supports mental health and wellbeing and helps kids to build positive relationships and make decisions. It also builds resilience, helping children to cope better and self-regulate their emotions, as well as increases attention, empathy and self-confidence. (Reference:


These fun holiday workshops are led by our Kids’ Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and Creative Therapist, Liz Taverner


Worry Box one-day workshop

In this workshop, the kids will mindfully decorate their own worry boxes in collage and be given special pieces of paper to keep inside. Each night before bed, the child can write or draw their worries on a piece of paper (parents can help younger children) and let them go by putting them in their box and closing the lid on them. When they feel the worry is no longer a concern, they can take the piece of paper out from its safe place, tear it up and throw it away.


This is a beautiful and creative way to teach children the mindful concept that thoughts and emotions come and go. It shows them they can be in control by expressing and acknowledging their worries, addressing them and then detaching or distancing themselves from them. It can also be a great way for parents and children to share and connect.


They include three engaging types of mindful practice and an awesome craft to take home:


High Energy

  • Active games
  • Songs
  • Yoga


  • Art and craft
  • Sensory games


  • Story
  • Coping Skills
  • Breathing Practice
  • Guided Meditation


This workshop is suitable for children ages 6-10 years.


The first Mindful Monkeys one day workshop will be held on Wednesday 3rd October for full details follow this link