Join us at Manly Yoga this October for a special Navaratri Kirtan Community event.


Navaratri is a particularly auspicious time for any spiritual practice and sadhana. Wise ones have said that spiritual practice and work is 1,000 times more potent during this uniquely transformative window in the calendar year.


‘Navaratri’ literally means ‘nine nights’ and this period of time happens yearly during the bright half of the month close to the equinox.


13 October coincides with the last day of Laksmi energy, which represents pure abundance, prosperity, love, beauty and contentment.


So the intention of this evening is to connect with our individual and collective Laksmi, in celebration of these divine qualities of humanity, through the transformative power of a group spiritual practice, kirtan. It will be an occasion to give full heart to the singing of mantras, seed vibrations which sprout ever-growing shoots of ever deeper, purer Love within us as we chant.


So it is with warm goodwill and commitment to the sangha – our ever-evolving, conscious living community – that Manly invites you to an evening understanding and experiencing the significance of Navaratri, with chai and bliss balls and a Navaratri sadhana sheet to take home.