Connect with your personal purpose and direction for 2019 over 4 yoga sessions incorporating the S.W.A.N self-discovery meditation at this special New Year Morning Yoga Intensive series at Manly Yoga.


We’ll take full advantage of the early morning light and warm days to commit to our yoga and meditation practice for 2019. Each class will incorporate postures, breath work and the SWAN meditation practice which is a structured but simple practice that reveals your deepest desires and purpose.


In this practice, privately to yourself, you will acknowledge your individual strengths and weaknesses, identify your deepest aims, and what you will need to achieve those aims. Your findings can then easily be incorporated into your regular yoga practice, clearing the path for your life goals to flourish. You will take home your personal SWAN map to refer to continually over the 2019 and beyond, keeping your true path clear and foremost in your mind.


To enjoy this series, it is recommended that you have done about 6 months of regular yoga practice and have a willingness to examine your personality and habits.


Past participants have found the practice to have a profound impact on their lives, helping them to live in authentic alignment with their deepest values and goals.


The teacher Alana is the Director of Manly Yoga, who has been incorporating the SWAN meditation into her practice for 2 years to profound effect. She attributes this powerful meditation to the flowering of the many wonderful and unexpected changes that have since occured, including becoming a lecturer in Yoga Philosophy for the IYTA as well as the Director of Manly’s oldest and highly respected yoga centre.


Alana is passionate about creating the space, time and guidance for you to discover and lead the most authentic and fulfilling life you possibly can through your unique personality and circumstances. She looks forward to revealing this simple but effective method of self-discovery at these very special New Year Intensive sessions.


Below, renowned SWAN meditation master, Swami Satyadharma, explains more about this special practice:

“The SWAN meditation helps us understand ourselves by looking at these four qualities: our strengths, our weaknesses, our aims and our needs. These determine our behaviour, habits, actions and interactions. 

We need to accept ourselves before we can improve ourselves. But we need to know ourselves before we can accept ourselves. The SWAN makes that possible by examining strengths, weaknesses, aims and needs, which gives us a picture of ourselves – not as we imagine ourselves, but as we are. We have to start where we are. This idea of knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves, as we are, where we are, is the basis of yoga. Understanding ourselves gives us stability and makes our lives more useful. The SWAN meditation is like a life-map to help you reach your destination in this life.

The subject is formidable, but putting your life, your personality in order, becoming the person you want to be, is a formidable task. And you should also consider that if you are going to live this life, you should make the best of it. Why live for less?”


From S.W.A.N Meditation: Theory and Practice by Swami Satyadharma Saraswati, 2013 Satyananda Yoga Academy.



Dates: Monday 7th January to Thursday 10th January 2019

Time: 6 – 7.15am, daily for 4 consecutive days

Price: $90 full price / $80 Earlybird paid by 31st December, $65 concession; or use your Manly Yoga Class Pass (Intro passes excluded)



Enrolment in the full 4 days is necessary, hence drop-ins are not permitted as the cumulative effect of the SWAN meditation practice is crucial to its effectiveness.
Places are limited to 20 so book in early!