“If you are ready to let go of the past, discover your life’s purpose and reconnect with the adventurous and passionate YOU, then it’s time to shake off the shackles of everyday life and join me on this spiritually rich journey to Nepal!”


As you become one with the sea of maroon robed monks and nuns walking in the foot steps of the thousands before you circumnavigating Asia’s largest Stupa, (Buddhist shrine), you have an overwhelming sense that you are exactly where you are meant to be.


With the sound of swirling prayer wheels, the soft chanting of “Aum mani pad me hum” mantra and colorful prayer flags blowing in the breeze over head, you realize they are the only map you need to find your way.

You smile as you pass Tibetans prostrating and market traders carrying on with their daily life. When one of them asks you where you’re going, you think to yourself, “I’m already here.”


On arriving for your yoga and meditation class you pause for a moment to listen for the sound of monks chanting their morning prayers higher up in the snowcapped mountains. You then step inside and sit down; the outside chatter has gone, and soon your internal chatter quietly fades. You close your eyes and listen to your teacher welcoming you to your practice. As she guides you into deep meditation, you feel blissful. This is where you are meant to be.


Here in Nepal you are reconnected with your joy, your passion, and your youness.



Nepal is the PERFECT place to explore for 14 adventurous days if you’re….



Have you reached a point in your life when youre finally free to embrace your alone time?

You’re in luck! The Nepal retreat combines adventurous travel, with like minded folk with some time out for self-reflection giving you a sense of liberation. You’ll be immersed by the stunning heights of the Himalayan mountains, which cannot fail to change your perspective.


Are you ready to take risks and have new experiences, but need a likeminded soul-seeker by your side as you step into the unknown?

On this retreat in Nepal you’ll have a whole “small” group of likeminded soul-seekers around you. You won’t be going it alone. And I dare say you’ll make a life long friend along the way.

Are you ready to have your taste buds tantalized and enjoy delicious, nourishing food leaving you feeling satisfied and healthy?

That’s exactly what you get on this Nepal yoga retreat! The local food is known worldwide for being tasty, plant-based and wholesome. The Yoga For The Soul Retreats menu is vegetarian and mouth-wateringly delicious.


Does recharging yourself and feeling profoundly connected with your heart and the environment around you sound good?

Here it is! On this retreat, you’ll recharge your batteries daily through deep yoga, meditation, and special “awareness walks” surrounded by towering mountain peaks. And after my guided-meditation journeys into your own soul plus a few nights gazing at the galaxy of stars in the night sky, you’ll return home feeling more in touch with life and yourself than you ever imagined possible.”


Would you like to cultivate self-awareness and feel like you again?

It’s waiting for you! In Nepal where I’ve carefully chosen activities and locations that will engage your senses fully into the here and now. Nepal’s rich culture will immerse you in an array of colours, smells, tastes and human experiences that keep engaging you completely and connecting you back with your authentic self.


Do you believe that everyone has a true purpose in life, and that it’s time for you to realise what yours is?

I will guide you through self-enquiry meditation practices at the foothills of the great Himalayas, create space for self reflection in the quietness in the hills of Namobuddha and have organized a chat with a Tibetan Lama, who will inspire you and answer any questions you may have in finding your life purpose.

So… WHY should you join me?


“This retreat will ignite your passion for life and adventure as you wholeheartedly embrace the natural beauty and cultural wonders of Nepal. Your immersion in yoga and meditation will illuminate the joy of your true self. You will go home with a renewed sense of self connection and with everything around you — and with the inspiration to pursue your life’s purpose.”


Discover more about this fabulous retreat to Nepal including full itinerary, pricing and accomodation options by following the link below or visit yogaforthesoulretreats.com.au .





More Details:

Here’s what one previous participant had to say about Chetana’s retreat to Nepal.


“I have been fortunate to have travelled to many countries, over many years. I have hiked, biked, trekked, toured, back-packed and 5-starred the length and breadth of most continents.

Yoga for the Soul Retreats with Chetana at the helm has been one of the most wonderful travel experiences of my life!

Because of her passion for Nepal, her knowledge of yoga practice and her love of travel herself, Chetana was able to open doors to both spiritual and geographical worlds that one only sees in books.

Her sensitivity to understand individual needs, her respect and reverence to local culture and people led us in a beautiful journey both inwardly and outwardly.

An experience that will stay with me a lifetime. Thank you Chetana!”

— Carolyn Armstrong