The Soul Mama Circle is a special Mums and Bubs event. It is held once a month at Manly Yoga so that women can have a safe and calm space to come into after birthing their babies.


After the ‘fourth trimester’ or ‘golden month’ women are often ready to come back into society and share their experiences with others.


New mums will come together for a two-hour class consisting of tea, meditation and a women’s circle that allows them to share their joys, challenges and transformation into motherhood.


Mums will be guided in meditation and Yoga Nidra as they cradle their little ones.


Meeting other like-minded mums in the community helps women feel connected rather than isolated.


Facilitated by Radha Vine the Soul Mama Circle creates a safety net where women can be empowered and find honesty, joy and friendship in their journey of new motherhood.


Date: Tuesday 16 July

Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Cost: $35 / $30 Early Bird paid by

More Details:

Radha also teachers a 5 weeks Mother and Baby course designed to strengthen, support and nourish mothers so that they feel emotionally supported through this new period of their life. For more information and bookings, please follow this link.