Soul Sangeet is a new style of Indian Classical music presented for the western world incorporating the flowing flavours of western world contemporary music, with the dexterity and impromptu nature of jazz, infused with the devotional essence of soul music.


The inception of Soul Sangeet


Sangeet is a Sanksrit word meaning sound or music and follows a deep belief of spirit in sound, hence the name Soul Sangeet.


Nada Brahma is a famous Sanskrit proverb that underlines the ancient, and now modern, belief that the world / universe is created, sustained and made from sound. Soul Sangeet attempts to tap into this ancient belief by fusing the highly evolved form of Indian classical with modern day music.


Shivam’s passion for a special kind of music


Since diving into the world music sphere Shivam’s instrument of choice is a 22 string slide guitar/sitar called a Chattarangi which he plays using a crystal ball. This unique instrument was created by his teacher Debashish Bhattacharia to manifest sounds that span musical cultures in harmony and sound.


Playing the Chattarangi and a love of devotional singing has inspired Shivam to create unique events like Soul Sangeet to facilitate bringing the essence of Nada Brahma on a wider scale and share this music with a wider audience.


Each event incorporates different musicians, including international special guests, their instruments and vocals to bridge the division between world and local music and establish a wider world music culture.


About the Artists

Sangeet Mishra plays the Sarangi, an ancient Indian violin said to have been in existence for 5000 years. Sangeet Mishra himself, while not as old, still hails from eight generations of Sarangi players, coming from Banaras and Varanassi India. Those who know of the Indian classical world of music will also understand how rare an instrument this is because of its difficulty to play and master, meaning there are literally only a handful of accomplished classical Sarangi players in the world.


He has toured the world many times, including more than 20 performance-based visits and tours in Australia alone.


Shivam Rath is sliding up to be Australia’s leading Indian Slide Guitarist. Born into a musical family he has been combining his knowledge and path of meditation into the classically trained field of music, mantra and raga. He is also writing and producing his own music and compositions, with many CDs bridging, reviving and blending the ancient arts and music into our modern world.


Accompanying on tabla is Maharshi Raval originally from Gujarat, India, has been living in Sydney for 10 years striving to be one of the most dexterous tabla players and world music percussionists in Australia. He excels in both the Indian classical music and semi-classical structures, devotional bhajans, mantra music as well as modern contemporary fusions and innovative performances of all kinds.


Date: Sunday 14 April

Time: 7:15 pm for a 7:30 pm start – 9:30 pm

Price: $45 / $40 Early Bird paid by 7 April

$75 for both Workshop & Concert