Join Gyanananda and Geeti for an evening of Sound Healing and Sound Meditation.


This is a great opportunity at the end of the working week to deeply relax & harmonize body, mind & prana. Uplift the heart and reconnect to your true nature.


The evening will begin with mantra chanting & Nada Yoga toning, participating in this practice will help cultivate a supportive energetic field for an integrated inner journey.


Then it’s time to lie down and deeply receive the nourishment you need. A guided Yoga Nidra with mantra & sacred song will take you into deep physical, pranic, mental & emotional relaxation.


Geeti and Gyan will weave Tibetan singing bowls, live meditative music and silence into the inner journey to help bring the mind into a relaxed, calm alpha state.


The sound healing and meditation can slow the brain waves further still into a theta state. where emotional integration & release happen, & potentially into delta, where you can reside in the peaceful stillness of your true nature.


About Gyan (Gyanananda Jon Parry):

Gyanananda is a kirtanist, singer songwriter, sound healer & accredited yoga teacher in the Satyananda style of yoga. Gyan has found his dharma in combining his lifelong love of music with his yogic training in service of others to uplift & expand energy & consciousness.


He has recently relocated to Sydney to share his music & yoga more widely, as well as to develop new collaborations.


Gyan is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who plays flute, guitar, piano, harmonium, harmonicas, sitar, tabla, percussion & hand pan. His ecstatic & devotional style ranges from strong, rhythmic dynamism to tender, lyrical & ethereal soundscapes that helps create an environment for deep peace, soul connection & healing.


Gyan is also passionate about the practice of Yoga Nidra & offering it with music & mantra. He also facilitates asana, pranayama, meditation, nada yoga, mantra & havan’s in classes, workshops & retreats nationally.


For the past 8 years he has been immersed in the practice & study of yoga, helping to run yoga retreats & kirtans, & participating in ashram living & music-making in Australia & India.


About Geeti  (Soul Moves Geeti)

Geeti is a Sydney-based kirtanist & Nada Yoga teacher with a background in conscious movement & dance.  Her passion & calling is to uplift, unify & transform our personal & collective energy & awareness through music, mantra & movement.

Geeti sings, plays harmonium, manjira, tanpura, Indian drums & Hang. Her devotional & joyful heart shines through her music & voice, allowing people to let go & surrender to uninhibited expression, & be filled with deep nourishment.


Her Nada Yoga training with Heart of Sound founder Anandra George & Indian classical music training with Sudhanshu Sharma have informed the depth & subtlety of her music.


Geeti teaches regular Nada Yoga classes & workshops and is a core member of the Sydney Kirtan group Sound Samadhi which gathers monthly.


The Details:

Date: Saturday 9th August,

Time: 7 – 9pm,

Pricing: $45 / $40 Early Bird paid before 2 August