Clearing our Inner Space for Purposeful Being and Expression


The energy of Spring is very active, it’s a time for re-newel, for cleansing and growth. In Chinese medicine, Spring is represented by the wood element – flexible, strong, yielding and durable.


Take this opportunity to clear out our Inner Space in this forthcoming Springtime Partner Yoga Immersion with Sam.


Spring is the perfect time to clean up our internal systems. if they are all blocked it manifests in our body as tightness and tension and we can experience inflammation in our body and also our mind that can leave us feeling irritable.


The natural properties of our liver and gall bladder are alkalising, during Springtime they are at their peak of activity, making it the perfect time to support them to clean out the damp, dull and lethargic remnants of our Winter season.


During this Partner workshop we will focus on techniques specifically for the Liver and Gall bladder. Practices that will help to release tensions, to help ease of movement, improve flexibility and build strength.


Once we clear out the debris and tone up our body, mind and spirit we feel clearer, more liberated, connected and energised – ready to move forwards feeling healthier and more balanced with a clearer vision to embrace our goals in life.


In this partner workshop you will experience:


  • Improved flexibility
  • Partner yoga to release muscular tension especially in the neck, shoulder and hips
  • Release of eye tension and headaches
  • Ease of movement in your tendons, ligaments and joints like a well-oiled machine!
  • Breathing practices to develop patience and perseverance
  • Partner massage specifically for the Liver and Gall Bladder
  • Relaxation and fun!



Join Sam for this afternoon partner workshop to embody all aspects of Spring – warm sunshine, cool air, new life and fresh energy!


Springtime Partner Immersion

Date: Saturday 12 October

Time: 12 pm – 2:30 pm

Single Price: $60 / $55 Early Bird paid by 5 Oct

Couple Price: $110 / $100* Early Bird paid by 5 Oct


*If you book for two people we will contact you to register your friend into the workshop. Please ensure you enter your contact details so we can follow through.


About the teacher:

Sam has spent 20 years teaching a system of yoga that understands how to deeply listen to our individual needs and respond to them appropriately. Sam is a holistic health practitioner, shiatsu therapist, kahuna bodyworker and advanced yoga teacher. She incorporates all her tools and experiences for the students in the classroom and the season they are experiencing.


Sam began her training in Shiatsu therapy in London, and returned to Australia to study with Nature Care and Zen Renaissance.. She loved it so much she continued with: Ryoho Yoga Therapy; Traditional Hatha Yoga at Qi Yoga; Kahuna Bodywork with Mette’s Institute; White Tantra Oki; Ki Yoga; Iyengar; and Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow yoga.


Sam’s classes are a beautiful blend of balanced postures and mindfulness that brings vitality, joy and peace to the mind and body. She is always aware of the individual needs of her students and how they can best benefit from the various aspects of the yoga practice.


It is Sam’s desire to teach across the community. She has taught in yoga centres, high schools, preschools, yoga retreats, yoga training courses, retirement villages and fitness and wellness centres across the Northern Beaches and city centre.


Ultimately for Sam, yoga has offered her a path to be truly happy, more genuine and deeply connected to people and the world around her. Sam is a mother and when she is not practicing yoga or bodywork, she loves to spend as much time outside as possible, enjoying time with family, friends and the sea.