Join us for our annual Summer Solstice Celebration in honour and in celebration of the sun, the earth and our own inner power.


Solstice means “standing still of the sun,” like many ancient and modern cultures from around the world Manly Yoga will gather at the beach to watch the sunrise. We will practice asana and take time to honour and reflect upon the sun’s journey and all that it provides us; it’s heat, it’s power. Honouring the earth below us and our own inner strength and journey.


Yogic texts speak of the Sun not only as the outer source of energy, but also as the inner source of energy our inner light that exists within each and everyone of us.


By joining us you will commune with nature, learn asanas to create inner power and strength, as well as replenishing asanas for the heat. There will be opportunity to reflect and meditate upon your own power and nature’s rhythms.


During summer we also need long rests, as the morning heats up we’ll return and rest in the shade and coolness of the Manly Yoga centre for the deep rest and replenishment practice of yoga nidra.


Join Radha at this auspicious time, to acknowledge and celebrate the longest day and shortest night with friends and community and enjoy an early morning yoga class, meditation and optional community breakfast at Ruby Lane Cafe.



5.30am – Beach yoga and reflection to the rising sun.


6.40am – Yoga Nidra at Manly Yoga to rest and rejuvenate.


7.00 am – Optional communal breakfast at Ruby Lane


Date: Thursday 20th December
Time: 5.30am-7.00am
Location: Manly Beachfront (on grass opposite Ceramic Lane crossroad) or Manly Yoga in poor weather.
BYO: mat and towel
Option to join us at Ruby Lane cafe for breakfast afterward (not included in price)
Price: $25 or use your MY class pass (excludes $49 intro offer)