The Most Experienced Yoga Teachers on the Northern Beaches

Manly Yoga is not only a community of like-minded people, but also a community of wonderful teachers. We pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced Yoga teachers on the Northern Beaches.


What sets our teachers apart?

They are genuinely interested in the health and wellbeing of their students. They are passionate about teaching the best Yoga they can and on ensuring that each of their students is able to practice yoga in a way that works for them.

Each of our teachers has extensive Yoga teacher training and many hours of yoga teaching experience. Their knowledge and experience shines through in every class.

Come in to our yoga centre and meet our team of teachers – we’d love to see you there!

Manly Yoga’s Teachers

Manly Yoga Teachers
Our Director
Alana Smith Director Manly Yoga

BMedia, DipMus(Voice), BArtsDipEd (English), Yoga Teacher Training (IYTA)

Alana first discovered yoga as a teenager when her then drama teacher instructed the class in a yoga nidra relaxation. She hasn’t looked back since. She practiced Ryoho yoga in her twenties, but it wasn’t until she came to Manly Yoga, that she truly committed to her practice.

She has since completed her Yoga teacher training through the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA), under the tutelage of David Burgess, a master teacher of pranayama and meditation. And, due to her passion for yoga philosophy and practice, Alana is now a lecturer for the IYTA teaching diploma.

Alana just loves seeing the happy, relaxed faces of her yoga students and having a laugh with them before, during or after class. She has seen and personally experienced the power of yoga to transform lives; and truly believes that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves. All it takes is a dedicated teacher, and a willingness to be still and breathe. And of course, to keep practicing!

In her spare time, Alana loves to dance, garden, spoil her pooches and tend to her goats, chooks and deer at her hobby farm “Stag Hill” in Jamberoo.

Management Team
Our Teachers
Amara Saraswati

Accredited Hatha (Mindfulness-Based) Yoga and Meditation Teacher with the Academy of Yogic Science; Certificate in Counselling; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher in training.

Amara has been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 40 years and has 34 years teaching experience. Her ongoing passion for learning, practising, and teaching yoga began in 1978 after attending her first yoga class in Tasmania. “It was like a deep internal adjustment, every layer of me being seemed to come into alignment”. From this class onwards, Amara intuitively knew she was to continue practicing yoga for her physical, mental and inner well-being and to focus on becoming a yoga teacher so others may also have the opportunity to benefit from these wonderful practices.


From 1979 through to 2000 Amara lived full time in yoga retreat and teaching centres. During this time she had the good fortune to study with many Yoga Archaryas (masters of yoga), both in Australia and India. Immersing herself in these yoga environments enabled her to also imbibe the philosophies of yoga and to gain a deep understanding of how the various practices of yoga can be taught with authenticity, creativity and practicality so to meet the needs of her students.


Amara weaves her body, mind and soul into all her classes. Her natural warmth and deep felt-sense of inner connection is a reflection of all her years of dedication to an ongoing practice and her heartfelt wish to support each and every student in all her classes.

Salliann ‘Radha’ Vine lives on the Northern Beaches with her husband and three teenagers. Passionate about living a joyful, wholehearted life, Radha loves empowering people’s inner growth, especially women and couples through their birthing and early parenting journeys.

Radha is a qualified She Births Educator;and has supported countless women through their pregnancies, birth and early parenthood with meditation, yoga and mentoring. Over the last eight years, she has also been blessed to support many couples as their Birth Doula.

Radha is a senior yoga and meditation teacher at Manly Yoga where she has specialised in pre and post-natal yoga for over fifteen years. Over the past ten years, she has coordinated a week-long Family Yoga retreat supporting parents and children in the ways of living conscious, open-hearted lives through yogic values and principles. She also enjoys working with clients one-on-one, in a healing massage and mentoring capacity, in her home studio

Radha is proud to be part of the team that facilitates the She Births course on the Northern Beaches. She particularly enjoys seeing women and couples being totally transformed throughout the She Births course as they prepare themselves for a beautiful birth and smooth journey into parenthood.

Sandhya Greaves

Dip. Nursing, Dip.Midwifery, Dip.Counselling, Yoga Training (Satyananda Yoga)

Sandhya has been practising yoga for 23 years and teaching for 18 years. Her initial training was in Japanese yoga with Peter Masters. However, after a stay at the Sivananda Ashram in South India, she was inspired to follow the traditional Indian Yoga training, which she completed in 2000.

Since then, she has taught around the lower North Shore and Manly before opening her own studio above the Boathouse in Palm Beach.

Sandhya specialises in Seniors Yoga and is passionate about sharing the wisdom of Yoga practices in promoting good health and positivity in life. Her depth of understanding around various physical conditions, which comes from her nursing background, is incredibly beneficial in her Seniors classes. She really enjoys seeing the transformation in the health of her students through regular yoga practice.

Sandhya has travelled to India four times, benefiting enormously from the wisdom of inspiring Yogis. She endeavours to bring this Yogic philosophy into her everyday life as well as incorporating it into her classes.

Sandhya loves painting, swimming in the sea, learning and reading. She is very involved with her family, including 7 grandchildren; and loves enjoying life as a Senior herself!


Gyan was first introduced to yoga in the early 1990s when a health practitioner handed him a cassette tape of yoga nidra relaxation practices to help him sleep during a stressful period of his life. He began doing classes regularly with Simon Borg-Olivier in the late 1990s.

In 2002 Gyan went to Mangrove for a meditation weekend workshop and became enamoured of the whole ashram experience. Gyan realised that many of the aspects of his life that had not been serving him had just effortlessly fallen away with regular yoga practice. Hence he decided to commence Yogic Studies at Mangrove to understand why yoga had been so beneficial for him. He completed the 3 year teacher program in 2007 and ended up immersing himself in ashram life for another 3 years, where he worked tirelessly on the farm, teaching courses and supervising projects.

Gyan has also stayed in the Rikhia and Mungher Satyananda ashrams, and he often attends the Kriya Yoga courses with Swami Janakananda in Sweden.

In 2011 Gyan moved into the old Manly Yoga centre at 27 Pittwater Road, where he taught and took care of the centre. Many would remember him sweeping the path daily and teaching students how to do nasal cleansing with neti pots off the edge of the verandah. Gyan continues to teach his holistic style of yoga at the new centre, where students can expect a range of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation practices in every class taught by an authentic and experienced yogi. His instruction style is down-to-earth and spacious, allowing students to connect with their physical and inner experience throughout the class.

Teaching is one of the great joys of Kirralie’s life. Kirralie has been teaching Pilates for 18 years and Yoga for 10 years; and has a deep respect for both. She has trained in a number of modalities, including: Hatha Yoga at Samadhi Sydney; Pilates at Polestar Studio; and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Breadner and also with Satyananda Yoga.

Kirralie believes that yoga is a sanctuary from the demands of everyday life, a place to find a sense of connection and peace. In her classes, Kirralie aims to create a space where her students can just be – a space to unplug, let go and feel nourished.

Kirralie truly believes that yoga can be accessible to everyone. She loves bringing her teaching to people in wheelchairs, people with anxiety, and everyday people. Her aim is that her students will fall in love with yoga so that it becomes part of their everyday lives.

Kirralie also believes that working with nature’s cycles, the seasons and the phases of the moon is incredibly helpful in navigating our way through life; and managing our energy levels, mind, emotions and wellbeing.

Aside from Yoga, Kirralie keeps herself inspired with kayaking, biking, bush walking, spending time with her dog, reading (always learning) and Chinese Brush Painting.She also loves to travel (especially to wild places); and regularly takes groups to retreats within Australia and treks in the Himalayas.

Michael Slater

Satyananda Yoga accredited teacher Level 1 & 2 Member SYTA (Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association), Member YA (Yoga Australia), Member Vedanta Centre Sydney

Michael was introduced to yoga some 30 years ago at Manly Yoga. From the first class, his curiosity was aroused and he found it a wonderful balance to the busy world of working in advertising. There was no epiphany, just a growing interest that set him on the path to formal yoga study and teacher training. He has been teaching now for 10 years.

Michael’s teaching style is based on a traditional yoga approach, grounded in Patanjali’s definitive ‘Yoga Sutras’, that incorporates modern insights to meet today’s world.

At Manly Yoga, Michael teaches general yoga and men’s yoga classes. He is a regular runner and his popular ‘Yoga for Runners’ workshop integrates yogic mind/body principles and breathing practices. He also teaches special needs classes for cerebral palsy, dementia, and drug and alcohol rehab.

Alex Cogley

Alex has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and teaching for nearly as long. In 2000 she began her three-year Yoga Synergy training program with founders Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss. Over the last few decades she has studied with many other renowned teachers including Clive Sheridan, Shandor Remete, Donna Farhi and David Burgess; and in 2015 undertook the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) Advanced Teacher training program. Alex is also now part of the IYTA yoga teacher training team.

As a qualified Yoga Synergy teacher, Alex ran and taught yoga at the Yoga Synergy School in Manly for eleven years. She later started up the Yoga Co-operative in Manly; and in 2016 she was invited to move her classes to Manly Yoga.

As the mother of three children, a yoga teacher and working in a corporate job, Alex understands the importance of a regular yoga practice to bring balance in our busy lives. She believes that safely challenging the body, in a fun and intelligent way, helps create a strong, healthy body and a calm focused mind – not just on the mat, but beyond.

Alex’s style of yoga is dynamic and flowing, whilst offering deep relaxation at the end of the practice to provide inner peace. The Yoga Synergy style caters for all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Alex loves the outdoors – walking, running, ocean swimming and enjoying a good Chai and catch up with friends.

Sam Hillier

Sam has spent 20 years teaching a system of yoga that understands how to deeply listen to our individual needs and respond to them appropriately. A holistic health practitioner, shiatsu therapist, kahuna bodyworker and advanced yoga teacher she incorporates all her tools and experiences for the students in the classroom and the season they are experiencing.

Sam began her training in Shiatsu therapy in London, and returned to Australia to study with Nature Care and Zen Renaissance. She loved it so much she continued with: Ryoho Yoga Therapy; Traditional Hatha Yoga at Qi Yoga; Kahuna Bodywork with Mette’s Institute; White Tantra Oki; Ki Yoga; Iyengar; and Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow yoga.

Sam’s classes are a beautiful blend of balanced postures and mindfulness that brings vitality, joy and peace to the mind and body. Sam is always aware of the individual needs of her students and how they can best benefit from the various aspects of the yoga practice.

She has a great desire to teach across the community and has taught in yoga centres, high schools, preschools, yoga retreats, yoga training courses, retirement villages and fitness and wellness centres across the Northern Beaches and city centre.

Ultimately for Sam, yoga has offered her a path to be truly happy, more genuine and deeply connected to people and the world around her. Sam is a mother and when she is not practicing yoga or bodywork, she loves to spend as much time outside as possible, enjoying time with family, friends and the sea.

Yoga Training (Satyananda Yoga)

Claire completed her Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Satyananda Yoga at Mangrove Mountain. She has been teaching yoga for seven years at various schools across the Northern Beaches, including her regular and much-loved Yin Yoga classes at Manly Yoga.

She has always enjoyed the style of yoga taught at Manly Yoga because it encompasses the full spectrum of truly holistic yoga. From the asana practices to the philosophies and meditation – all taught in a way that is modified to the needs of each individual student not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

From early on in her teaching life, Claire really resonated with Yin yoga and the spaciousness it gives both the body and the mind. She loves seeing the health benefits of a regular Yin practice for her students. Claire’s strengths lie in her ability to understand her student’s needs and adapting her classes to meet these needs. She also enjoys guiding her students through a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra at the end of class.

Claire keeps her classes fun and real; and loves the connection she has with her students, which motivates her to keep on teaching yoga.

Julie Haworth

Dip. Health (Yoga), Dip. Holistic Counselling

Julie has always wondered deeply about the nature of existence but it wasn’t until she was rocked by mental health issues that Yoga beckoned. In her first Yoga class, almost 20 years ago, she learnt not to compare herself with anyone else and to accept herself for who she was and where she was at. These life lessons proved invaluable and ultimately life-changing.

From there, Julie spent seven years apprenticing with an experienced Yoga teacher in Balmain, and completing the 3-year Diploma of Health (Yoga) at Naturecare College in Sydney. She then went on to become part of the Naturecare faculty. Julie has also completed a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, which beautifully supports the practice of Yoga.

Julie teaches an eclectic mix of Hatha Yoga. Her emphasis is on moving with the breath and allowing the breath to create the movement; inviting students to work at their edge while always respecting where they are at on any given day. Her classes are classical in design and her intention is to strike a balance between attention to the form and connection with the formless, in a supported environment of present moment awareness.

Shaila has trained extensively in yoga, both in Australia and India, and is also a qualified Pilates instructor. She has a Diploma in Yogic Studies, which involved two years of full-time study, as well as training under the guidance of yoga master Swami Niranjanan and a Saraswati at the Bihar School of Yoga, India, where she lived for 12 months in 2012.

Shaila enjoys teaching restorative forms of yoga, such as Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She also enjoys more dynamic Hatha practices to develop strength and power, as well as the precision and alignment of Pilates.Her style is authentic, supportive and holistic; with a standard class incorporating not only physical poses, but also breathing and meditation practices.

Shaila also offers nada (sound) yoga classes, in which participants are introduced to the musical/sound aspects of yoga in the form of mantra and chanting. A particular interest for Shaila is the more esoteric aspects of yoga, such as chakra awareness, yogic philosophy, ritual and mindfulness.

Shaila currently teaches at Manly Yoga and other locations in Sydney, whilst also offering specialised workshops and courses at various studios and retreats. For more information, please visit her Facebook page Daughter of Mountain or

Rose Hill

E-RYT 500

Rose has been teaching yoga since 2007, a certified Kids Yoga, Pregnancy and Yoga Nidra teacher, she also holds a diploma in Yoga Therapy.

Born to two astrologers and traveling the world from the age of 1, Rose’s life has never been conventional. Yoga has been a part of Rose’s life from a young age, after studying at Ashram Yoga in New Zealand when she was 17.

Falling instantly in love with the science, sharing with others came naturally. Her teaching began at 18 in Auckland and has been evolving ever since. She has taught many yoga retreats and on yoga teacher trainings.

In 2011 she ventured to India to stay at Yoga Vidya Gurukal ashram in Nasik where she continued her yogic studies.

In 2014 she returned to India again to study and stay in the Nasik ashram.

Recently in 2016 she completed her 300 hour RYA certification in a multi style yoga course with Mahi yoga.

Rose’s style of teaching is rooted in the teachings of Sivananda, with a core focus of alignment and flow. Her classes always offer a range of variations to suit all levels.

Most recently in Byron Bay at Bamboo yoga school she has now moved to Sydney’s northern beaches where she is running her own yoga teacher training school.

“People who come to the practice of yoga all share a common thread, we are all after connection to our higher self. My passion is to help facilitate this connection to yourself, others and to the environment around us.”

BA(HONS) Business Studies and Marketing,Chartered institute Marketing (CIM) Post Grad Diploma Marketing. 2-year (1,600 hours) Diploma in Satyananda Yoga

In 2013, Karen left a successful full-time career in marketing to pursue a more balanced life. She began practicing yoga and, what started as form of exercise, turned into a way of life for her. She soon began the two-year Yoga Studies diploma in Satyananda Yoga and has been a yoga practitioner now for over thirteen years.

Karen loves sharing the incredible teachings and philosophies of yoga that personally changed her life; not only impacting her health and wellbeing, but also her life decisions.

Karen’s style of teaching is authentic and draws from the traditional practices of Hatha Yoga and its philosophy. Karen teaches a very rounded class that leaves her students feeling nourished – physically, mentally, and emotionally. She focusses on her students and how they are responding to the yoga postures, to ensure the class meets the individual needs of each student. Karen’s classes are also influenced by the Iyengar and Yoga Synergy styles of yoga.

Karen now lives a much more balanced lifestyle, following Ayurvedic principals and yogic philosophy. She continues to work in a freelance capacity in marketing, but is able to balance this with her yoga teaching to create a way of life that nourishes her. Karen is a native Pommy, but has lived in Australia for the past 10 years. She loves to travel and immerse her senses in new places and cultures. Karen is passionate about sustainability and community, and sharing her love of yoga with her community of friends and students.

Martina Carosi

Martina was born in Italy and moved to Australia to complete her studies in Environmental Science. When she joined the corporate world, she discovered yoga as a powerful way to relax, clear her mind and achieve a better balance in all aspects of her life.

But it wasn’t until she began her life-changing pregnancy yoga classes with Radha, at Manly Yoga, that she truly realised the full potential of yoga. The combination of meditative practices, breath control and powerful asanas became the compass of her life as a new mum; and led to the desire to share this way of life with her community.

She trained as a Vinyasa teacher and began teaching in 2011 on the Northern Beaches. Then in 2017, Martina joined the Manly Yoga team. She was honoured to be teaching at the very studio that sparked her long lasting love affair with yoga.

She considers herself an eternal student and is always eager to explore new paths in her endless journey along the path of yoga. Martina’s aim is to unite the ancient practices of the Satyananda spiritual tradition, with a deep knowledge of the dynamic aspects of the physical practice.

Liz Taverner

Liz is a children’s creative therapist and kids yoga teacher. She sees yoga as an incredibly beneficial and healing practice for both adults and children. Liz has been practicing and loving yoga herself for more than 10 years, and is passionate about helping kids discover its magic early on. She is striving to heal the world one child at a time!

Originally from the UK, Liz followed her heart and moved to Australia. Since living here she has trained in counselling and kids yoga and has completely fallen in love with the Northern Beaches lifestyle. Liz has worked with children in a number of different roles including: the head teacher of a kindergarten; a behavioural therapist; a learning support assistant; a tutor; an English language teacher; and as a nanny. Each of these roles has given her a great understanding of children, their challenges and their development.

Liz absolutely loves seeing the joy and peace on children’s faces during and after one of her classes.

Liz also enjoys ocean swims, animal cuddles, reading, philosophising, bush walks, tea and sunshine.


Adele Vincent

Dip. Yoga Training (Qi Health & Yoga, Manly, NSW), Rainbow Kids Yoga Training (Hobart, TAS), Member YA (Yoga Australia), Member IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association), PhD Neuroscience and BSc Hons (University of Tasmania, TAS)

Adele has practiced many styles of asana yoga over the past 18 years but really discovered the benefits and depth of yoga through meditation about 4 years ago during a chronic illness while her two boys were small. Since moving to the Northern Beaches a few years ago from Tasmania, Adele left her career as a neuroscientist and immersed herself in raising her beautiful young boys and in the study and practice of yoga.

Adele was inspired to bring the tools of yoga to adults and kids after feeling a great need for stillness and balance in other parents and children around her. To this end, Adele completed her Qi Yoga Teacher Training and Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. She also attended a Family Yoga weekend at Mangrove Ashram. Other than teaching at Manly Yoga, Adele runs a weekly preschooler Kids & Carers yoga class, Holiday Family Yoga classes, and occasional classes for the fantastic Harbord Community Kindergarten.

Adele loves yoga philosophy, kirtan, bhakti, karma, jnana yoga and the stillness and balance it can bring to herself and her small people (who now sing mantras and are being taught Sanskrit and mantras and more at the fabulous John Colet school!). She also loves swimming in the ocean and snorkelling and surfing, bushwalking in wild places, karate, and traveling the globe and rock climbing.

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